🍭 We've just plugged Tailwind v3.3, and I had the task of designing a cool blog/Twitter card. It's always super fun to work on these!

@miguelreng OG OG UI

Remixed @traf buttons with @framer motion, react and tailwind. feel free to fork x)

gems like these are why you always dig around in an app’s resource files (from Xscope by @Iconfactory)

🪄 We're finally ready to release the public beta for Magician, a magical AI-powered design tool for Figma. Try for free →

Smile - Exploration made with @figma

New Tutorial! ✨ Learn how to create "@linear gradients" with @figma in just a few easy steps. Let's get started 👇

There's more coming.

Widget for Figma/FigJam

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